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Spirituality...What exactly is Consciousness ?

Hi,man is the living soul unlike animals, n we hv the gift of consciousness from God,to help us lead our lives in service of fellow man.Our conscious also tell us about our sinfullness towards God.Our sins r the reason we r separated from God n eternal blessings.Call-out to Lord Jesus Christ,the Son of God for mercy in repentance of yr sins.Jesus has suffered hell fire on the cross for our sins.He has the authority 2 forgive our sins.Always pray in spirit n truth,spend time alone with Jesus,wherever u r .U will c Him work in yr life.Keep away from idols.



I have no doors left to open?

Hi,our problems r caused by our own sins,n we blame God,parents,self...many people r depressed with u want God's help? Pls call out 2 Lord Jesus Christ,the Son of God.U need 2 repent of yr sins,beg for mercy...all in spirit n truth.Spend time alone with Lord Jesus Christ seeking His grace,He is the 'Doorway' to God..He suffered hell fire on the cross for our sins, if jesus forgives yr sins,God does.U need not go anywhere,pray wherever u a little bible daily n keep away from idols.



Why would a forgiving God punish me?

For not believing in a faith that has no evidence? The minute evidence is showed to me proving that there is truly a God and there is true Evil, I would convert to Christianity in a heartbeat. But why should I be sent to hell simply because I don't believe something that has no reliable evidence (besides the Bible, yet that was written thousands of years ago. I don't consider it reliable). I live my life better than most Christians do and attempt to follow my life in a way similar to metaphorically "following Jesus," yet I don't actually believe in Jesus himself. What kind of rational God would punish me for this? Why would I want to belong to a God so unforgiving as to punish those for not believing in Him when there is no physical proof of Him, even though they would follow with sufficient proof?

Hi,we don't want 2 wait till death,do we?If u die unsaved u will end-up in judgement,so why wait till then?I hv done the rounds of different religions,was born a non-christian,then from 1980 on,did the rounds of different churches,u name it!!! I found God in the Son of God,Lord Jesus Christ!!!He qualifies as Lord n saviour b'cause He bore my sin punishment on the cross!!! He suffered damnation on the cross for my sins,so i may escape hell fire!!! All our sufferings now n in eternity r due to our sins.U will get yr evidence in Lord Jesus Christ!!! Call-out to Him in repentance of yr sins,in spirit n truth!!!Spend time alone with Him begging for forgiveness,seeking grace n mercy.No need to go anywhere,pray wherever u r.Read a little bible daily,keep away from idols.



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