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Bible-Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to walk by, and a light to illumine my path. 


 Excuse me someone help me? How can I get a bible for free?

I don't live in USA but many organizations some say they send bibles but I don't know any one, I need one in spanish please
I need a bible for mexico, I live in a small town in mexico

Hi, till the time u get yr bible, pls connect with the 'God' of the bible n all mankind the Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ.U need to start by repenting of yr sins,in spirit n truth,begging for sin forgiveness,seeking His mercy n strength n leading in yr day-2-day life.Through Jesus we connect with God, n Jesus has the authority to forgive sins.U need not go anywhere,pray wherever u r.Always in spirit n truth.Find a true christian to pray with,keep away from idols. Pls look-up

Question for everyone?

i want to go to church...but the trouble is..i have heard that christians are stuck up this true?

Hi, churches r come under Lord's judgement,so keep away pls!!!!! Spend time alone with Lord Jesus Christ, in spirit n truth,repenting of yr sins,begging for forgiveness,seeking mercy,strength,leading.....find a true christian to pray with,pray wherever u r.I hv been blessed greatly since i left going to church,n u 2 will b.Keep away from idols.

Why Christians are always defending their religion even through it is fake? Are they so brainwashed?

Hi, christian religion is man-made,just like all religions!!!!! Lord Jesus Christ want's to save u from hellfire,eternel damnation.....but u must acknowledge u r a sinner n need to b saved from hell!!!!! The son of God will help u if u repent of yr sins to Him,all in spirit n truth,reading yr bible daily a little. Spend time alone with Him wherever u r, there is no need to go anywhere.Find a true christian to pray with.Keep away from idols.

I have convinced no less than three local denominations that I am a believer; does that make me a?

bad person? Months ago, I declared on here to the Christians that I would work my will and that I would infiltrate their churches for my own gain.

I have done this. I have reaped the material rewards that such associations bring. I have even ensnared the local Jehovah's Witnesses. 

Hi, focus on Lord Jesus Christ for yr salvation n Him alone!!!!! He will lead to green pastures,strength,goodness.....But u must first repent of yr sins 2 Him,as we must all.....spend time alone with Him,in spirit n truth,beg for sin forgiveness'seek y first Lord Jesus Christ,n everything will b added on 2 u', humble yourself to the Lord,keep away from all churches,pray wherever u r.Keep away from idols. Pls look-up

Why doesn't Karma work on bad people?
Hi,good deeds or bad ones,we can't pls God anyway!!!!! Our works r dirt in the sight of Holy God.But Lord Jesus Christ has pleased God on the cross,n in Him is the covering!!!!! Call out to Lord Jesus Christ,repent of yr sins in spirit n truth,spend time alone with Him,begging for forgiveness,keep away from all churches,they hv all come under Lord's judgement.Our sufferings r due to our sins,cry out to Jesus,He has the authority to forgive sins!!!!! Keep away from idols. Pls look-up

What are your thoughts on the 30 pieces of silver?
Hi, silver or gold,we all betray jesus, none of us r righteous,' lust of the eyes,lust of the flesh,pride of life' n all other sins n more......we commit,some in weakness n some willingly n continuously.....Let us repent of our sins to Lord Jesus Christ,the Son of God!!!!! We must plead,beg for mercy to the Lord to forgive our sins.He has the authority to forgive our sins!!!!! All in spirit n truth,reading a little bible daily.Keep away from idols!!!!!
Is he my real soulmate past life lover?  I have felt an immediate,irresistible attraction towards this man for the past 3 years.weird incidents 
Hi, u need to cry out to Lord Jesus Christ for release from this Obsession. Pls look-up
Why did God allow my life to fall apart?
Hi, all our sufferings r b'cause of our sins.Pls cry-out to Lord Jesus Christ in repentance of yr since,in spirit n truth,spending time alone with Him.Pray,beg,plead for mercy n leading n strength.Keep away from idols. Pls look-up
Why do christians worship jesus?
Hi, Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God.We worship the Son b'cause through Him we worship God.Pls look-up
Christians, please help!? How can I convince my mom that it's okay to take joy in certain things in life? It's really come down to the fact that she feels she isn't being a true Christian unless she is constantly serving other people and 100% denying any joy to herself. I know that the apostle Paul says to know Jesus we need to "pick up our crosses" but I don't think she would be a "bad" Christian if she took a breath to enjoy certain things in life. I mean, one of the fruits of the spirit is Joy! She just refuses to allow anything to make her happy for fear she might either be a bad Christian or a poor witness to others.

Hi, pls cry out to Lord Jesus Christ for mercy in repentance of yr sins in spirit n truth,keeping away from idols.find a true christian to pray with,spend time alone with jesus,reading yr bible daily.B loving 2 yr family n b supportive,love breaketh all barriers. Pls look-up
Does God get upset when people think Jesus is God ?
Hi, jesus is the Son of God.We must worship God in Lord Jesus Christ,in spirit n truth,keeping away from idols.Plead for repentance of yr sins,spend time alone with Jesus reading bible daily.


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