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If you don't believe in god what happens?

I am a catholic and my whole mothers side are catholics aswell I believe in god and I've researched a lot about god and the afterlife it says that in the afterlife we are all reunited with our loved ones but it also says that non believers won't go to heaven which I can't stop thinking about whenever I think about the eventual death of my grandparents or parents I have some sense of comfort knowing I will see them again but my father is not catholic he doesn't believe but he doesn't not believe in god and it won't go out of my mind the thought that I won't see my father in the afterlife is making me extremely depressed how do I get my father to believe before its too late

Hi,Pls start repenting to Lord Jesus Christ for yr sins in spirit n truth,keeping away from idols.Plead,beg for mercy,each one of us must repent for our own sins to the Lord.Only the Son of God has the authority to forgive sins,given by God.Pray for yr family that they may repent too.Keep away from all churches,as they are all under Lord's judgement.Find a true christian to pray with u.Focus on the Lord,seek His strength,n leading in yr life.'To b absent in the body is to b present with the Lord.'remember the thief on the cross,what jesus told him...God hates idol worshipping,so keep away.



Do some people believe in a God because they're afraid of death?

They just don't want to believe that it's just nothing when we die.

Hi,we must all be afraid of death now n also eternal,if we die unsaved.But God has provided a way in Lord Jesus Christ,the son of God.God will hold 'man' accountable for sins,unlike animals,which r born n die n r not accountable.R u a human or not,if human then u r accountable to God n u will b judged.Do u want to escape judgement?Lord Jesus Christ has been judged on our behalf,on the cross.He suffered hell fire n damnation but overcame sin n death by rising from the death!!! U need to start repenting of yr sins to Him,in spirit n truth,pleading for mercy,grace n He will help but u must persevere!!!Read a little bible daily,keep away from idols.Don't wait to find out at death,start now or u might find yourself unsaved at judgement n Jesus will have send u to eternal death.Lord Jesus Christ has the authority to forgive sins!!! Repent n may be He will save u.Pray wherever u r.



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