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Christians, I find it ironic that...?

I find it ironic that if someone claims to be the son of god these days you cry blasphemy, but isn't that what happened tp jesus?

Hi,these r difficult times for true christians!!! If they find a christian going about evangelizing,without their blessing,they start to make it difficult for him.May be he has stopped giving tithes n offerings to them n instead spends the money to buy bibles to distribute to needy!!! This is a deeper way to look at yr question.FYI churches r under Lord's judgement,so flee to Lord Jesus Christ,in repentance,seeking strength n covering.For sure the name sake christians will cry blashphemy,but u focus on the Lord,in spirit n truth.Keep away from idols.



Is god all powerful, all knowing, all caring, all loving or not?

if so why does let christian children get abused and murdered
why does he let christians starve to death

he can shove his mysterious ways where the light dont shine

Hi,there r problems galore all over the world,everywhere.Just read the newspapers,watch tv news, n u will know it.All our problems r due to our sins,world over!!! Do u want 2 escape from sinfullness,sinful living!!! God has made a way,in Lord Jesus Christ,the Son of God.Cry out to the Lord repenting of yr sins,beg for mercy,plead...persevere!!! Spend time alone with Jesus,in spirit n truth,read a little bible daily,pray wherever u r.Keep away from idols. He will touch u n lead u,strengthen u,love u...



Why do christians think that babies are born sinners, isnt that just horrible?

Hi,all born of adam r sinful,all...we r sinful people whether we believe it or not! And we sin 24/7! We r conceived in sin...but there is a way out! Lord Jesus Christ,the Son of God became 'sin' on the cross, to save us from God's wrath.U need to start repenting of yr sins to Lord Jesus Christ,the Son of God!!! Humble yourself,seek Lord's grace n mercy,b'cause He wants to save us from judgement,n hell fire.Beg for sin forgiveness,plead...always in spirit n truth.Pray wherever u a little bible daily,keep away from idols.Persevere n the Lord will bless u, n u will know it.



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