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Am i an old soul, how do you tell?

I have been told by many people I am an 'old soul'. I have never really understood what they mean and the more i think about it the more confusing it becomes.
I am 17, I left school at 16 to persue a career in nursing and i am currently a disibility .....

Hi, some people r extra sensitive to their surroundings,the people,nature...u have a missionary disposition towards others,which is good.But our goodness, no matter how big,is always short-lived.Sometimes we may start feeling like a saint,but our good works r deceiving's like we feel good while reading reader's digest or chicken soup for the soul,n we may start feeling self-righteous,n it continious but u must seek the truth first. Pls know the as sinners we can't pls God with our good works,which sometimes we unconsciously try to do.Pls call-out to Lord Jesus Christ,in repentance of yr sins,seeking mercy n grace always in spirit n truth.Read yr bible a little daily,keep away from idols.You need to seek first yr salvation from the Lord n then reach-out to others with a deeper understanding for the real need of others n the correct message.U could b a soldier for the Lord, and a true saint in eternal life.
Why are christians so narrow minded? Science has proven religious theory wrong. Many easter religions accept the many scientific theories, including that of evolution.

Hi, once i was broadminded n believed everything science,different religions,people told me... The important thing is to seek the truth n seek n seek! And i found my answers in Lord Jesus Christ,the Son of God! Mind u no religion can save a man from hellfire,but Lord does because He suffered hellfire on our behalf. When the Lord forgives our sins God does! Pls focus on Him,stay away from different arguments,get serious about yr life! Spend time alone with the Lord,repenting of yr sins,in spirit n truth,reading yr bible daily.Pray wherever u r,keep away from idols

Do we as humans contain a soul what makes us our brain? or a soul?

Do we have a soul and if we do how is it scientificly explained

Hi, God made us people living souls,unlike animals,who when they die r destroyed! But we r accountable for r sins! There is no escape from God,but Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God wants to save us from the wrath of God! Pls start repenting of yr sins to the Lord,in spirit n truth,wherever u r.Beg for forgiveness,keep away from idols,read a little bible daily.Science can't save us from hellfire but Lord Jesus Christ can so connect with Him! Persevere.

May I please have completely honest answer here?Do Christians and religious folks believe they are better people than folks who don't believe in religion or god?

Hi, all of us r sinners,all born of adam! Pls don't get confused by people around u but focus on Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God! Spend time alone with Him in repentance,begging for sin forgiveness,in spirit n truth,wherever u r.Read a little bible daily,keep away from idols! Seek Lord's leading n strength n u will c Him work in yr life

How long shall the ungodly triumph?
Hi, they look like winning, but if u look in their personal lives, it's pits! There is all kinds of horrible things happening,their families r in big problems,work,everything...But we need to escape ungodly,but where? Lord Jesus Christ,the Son of God want's 2 help! Escape to Him! Start to repent of yr sins,begging for forgiveness.He has already defeated the ungodly on the cross! Get under the covering n leading of Lord Jesus Christ n u will see the ungodly punished by Him! Keep away from idols,read a little bible daily.


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Thank you for this Q&A here. It is objective and not one-side or close-minded. It would be nice if you can post some of your stuff unto the g+ pages for others to read and benefit. God bless you.